Bohemians’ Winter of True Discontent and Insecurity

The Appalling Behavior of Shelley and Gray

Irish footballers Brian Shelley and Steven Gray have attempted to have a winding up order placed on Bohemian FC. The reason for this is that the players were owed 6 weeks wages over November and December 2010. Bohemians, founded in 1890, have been plagued by financial difficulty with the club reported to be in millions of euro of debt. Despite knowing full well the extent of the mess the Dublin outfit are in, Shelley and Gray haven’t been too phased and have proceeded trying to suck every last euro out of the club and into their pockets.

As a result of the winter goings ons, nobody at Bohs could know for sure if there would even be a club to support come the 2011 season.

Brian Shelley while playing for Bohs

The Gypsies are currently trying to terminate the contracts of most of the players on their books, and it is widely known that neither player will be at the club next season. However the club will pay any wages, late or on time, owed to it’s players. The club has always done so and is proud of how well they treat their players, but in this instance the club are simply being taken advantage of by the greed of these two.

The club previously offered a lump sum of 13 weeks wages to all the players they were financially unable to keep in order to rip up their contracts, after having raised the money needed through various fund-raisers, loans and donations. It was made clear from the start that this potential solution would only happen if all players agreed to it, however it simply wasn’t deemed enough for some.

Brian Shelley has won three trophies with Bohemians and has earned more than a decent living in his time at the Phibsborough club. The club have been very good to him on and off the field, and he’s now trying to wipe out 121 years of history for the sake of 6 weeks wages. Steven Gray has been paid for a full year to play four games for the club, being injured for nearly the whole season. How how feels he’s entitled to the extra 6 weeks pay is totally beyond me. These two men simply have no morals and no shame.

Bohemian FC, founded 1890

And now the signs point towards Shelley and possibly also Gray moving to Australia to ply their trade there. It’s been reported that Shelley, at least, will be moving in February 2011. If this move does take place, as is expected by senior members of Ballarat Red Devils, then it will shed light on Shelley’s long-term plan of draining Bohs for all the money they don’t have, and leaving the country and getting to the other side of the world. If he already had this job with the Red Devils lined up, then quite obviously he isn’t facing the prospect of unemployment or a financial struggle provided he’s not in the market for Dublin 4 mansions or Lamborghini Murciélago’s.

The Gypsies were given 24 days on the 15th of January by the courts to find the money to pay these players’ wages. A press conference was due to take place a few days afterwards with Shelley and Gray explaining the reasoning behind their actions. This was then called off after FAI chief executive John Delaney decided to intervene and hold talks between both parties. Thankfully, an agreement was reached with these negotiations and the FAI will pay the two players’ outstanding wages, and will have this money returned to them from Bohs in future prize money.

FAI CEO John Delaney, possibly posing

For now at least, it seems as though Bohs will survive as a football club. It also looks like they’ll continue to play League of Ireland Premier Division football next season, although will need to sign nearly a whole new squad, with a massively reduced wage bill. Some young players will stay on at the club though such as Lee Dixon and Ryan McEvoy, and it is also reported that they’ve signed free agent Robert Bayly.

Brian Shelley and Steven “Sicknote” Gray as he is known to some fans, have secured their positions as some of the most hated players in Bohs history after attempting this debacle. One can vividly imagine what the reception for these players will be like should they return to Dalymount Park in any kit next season.


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