Insanity strikes during warm-up

On Sunday 12th of March in the San Siro, Milan, the playing staff of AC Milan and Bari and the officiating team ran onto the pitch in their full kits for their pre-match warm-up.

But instead of going through their paces by passing the ball about and stretching the legs, the squads seemingly just turned insane.

Bari’s Almirón took out a pink swimming cap and began to simulate swimming in the middle of the pitch.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed a pink frisbee he had and started to play with Paulo Barreto, before Barreto decided to just dance with the frisbee in his hand. Yepes seems to be attempting to dance like a ballerina while Rino Gattuso takes the referee ballroom dancing in the middle of the field.

Antonio Cassano waves a newspaper in his hand like a crazed conductor while there are also other players with newspapers in their hands dancing with them and reading them chilled out.

Thiago Silva impresses the fans with his limbo skills and Clarence Seedorf tries to beat an official up, surely a red card.

A fan who was at the game managed to record it and put it on youtube, and here it is.

It turned out that the people performing this great stunt were all just lookalikes of the players and officials. The idea was done by Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

The paper also had their own cameras at the ready to record the events and made this viral video from what happened:


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