BOIP meets… Anthony Flood

As well as Ireland under-21 and Everton youngster Shane Duffy, Balls Out In Public also got the chance to meet Anto Flood at the recent Bohs v Everton game. The former Shelbourne striker scored Bohemians’ equaliser in the 1-1 draw with the Premier League outfit, fantastically controlling Christy Fagan’s cross-field pass before cutting in and finishing from outside of the box.

Bohs currently lie fifth in the league table, ten points behind Derry with two games in hand on them. Flood had time after the Everton friendly to talk to us about the match, his injury, and the rest of the season.

Flood in action against the Toffees (c. ExtraTimePhotos)

Flood in action against the Toffees (c. ExtraTimePhotos)

What did you make of the match tonight and of Everton?

“Yeah it was a good run out, it was Premier League opposition so it was important that all the young fellas all enjoyed their football, and we seemed to enjoy it so we got our just rewards. I thought we deserved a draw as well, but probably could have nicked it at the end there with Lee (Dixon’s shot), but the keeper pulled off a good save.”

How’s the injury holding up for you?

“I came back there against Sligo, still in a bit of pain in my lower back and my neck, but I’m still playing through it anyways. Hopefully it eases up over the next few weeks”

Derry this coming Friday – thoughts?

“It’s a massive game. It’s like a cup final. If we beat Derry like, the sky’s the limit, we’re straight back in it.”

Bohs have a great away form in the league this year; do you reckon you can keep that up, with the Pat’s game coming up next week?

“Yeah, yeah. It’s down to the team, as long as Pat has us focused and ready for every league game. Full credit has to go to Pat though, he has us so organised in every game. My plan now is to just make it back into the starting XI.”

Youngsters in the Bohs team – thoughts on them? Who’ve you been most impressed with?

“Ah there’s some smashing young lads there. Keith Buckley is brilliant, Gary Burke as well. You’ve Lee Dixon, young Kev at the back… The list goes on. They’re all gonna be future League of Ireland stars and I can see some of them as well going to England, easily. If they keep up they way they’re going they’ll definitely get a move over there.”

Chris Forrester at Wolves

“Yeah Git had a few days over away with Wolves, as far as I know. He’s done well. He’s a young lad as well so he’ll have plenty of trials. Git is a quality player, he’ll definitely have more trials.”

Do you reckon he’ll be able to move over there soon enough?

“If he keeps it up, as soon as he can nail down a spot in the starting eleven, he’ll have a chance.”

How do you think Bohs will finish in the league this year?

“Yeah we still have a sneaky chance of getting in the back door, still have a good chance of getting up there amongst Rovers and Sligo. We still have two games in hand and Shamrock Rovers still have some games to play in Europe. So with their games in the Europa League hopefully we can take full advantage of that to close the gap.”

Lastly, a prediction?

“Second or first.”


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