Flick’s Picks; Beginner’s guide to football betting, and tips

Chris Moone is a University Student who is well accustomed to the world of football gambling. When deciding to run a feature on football betting on BOIP, we knew there was only one man we could ask. Here, Chris offers us a beginner’s guide to wagering on the beautiful game, as well as telling us what he’s going for this coming weekend.

I’m not an expert on football betting. But, then again, nobody is. They don’t say it’s a funny old game for no reason and when you start to bet on football, it can be hard to see the funny side of losing your money to the bookies. I’ve recently changed my approach to betting and have found I am winning more and more often by my new betting routine. I hope you find my advice useful and hope to introduce the €10 challenge in the coming weeks with the hope of getting a decent profit in the future. Here are some helpful tips towards winning.

Important factors in football betting:

Don’t Be Greedy! When doing an accumulator, don’t throw in extra teams that “might win”. In my experience of betting, one team in an accumulator always seems to let you down .

Short Price = Big Bet! When you are quite certain a team are going to win (excluding loyalties to clubs and delusional Liverpool fans) then the bookies will be quite certain too. Don’t be afraid to back a larger amount of money on something that is likely to happen. For example, I had up to €70, which was my highest bet so far, on the Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland game in May. I had €50 on Ireland to win and €20 on Robbie Keane to score anytime. Both delivered in the first half. Although it was a big gamble for me, I was certain of both bets winning. Don’t doubt your football knowledge – without getting carried away.

Tip #1: Don't do this.

Handicap Betting: Handicap betting is a great way to increase the odds of your chosen team to win. For those of you unfamiliar with handicap betting a simple example is backing a team at -1, -2 etc. This means your team must win by more than one goal as they are effectively “-1 goals behind” A team backed at -1 and wins 2.0 will win your bet. Likewise a +1 bet gives your outside team a +1 head start.

Try handicap betting when you are not confident enough to bet on the score of the match or when you expect one team to completely outplay the opposition.

Singles, Doubles and Trebles: Use that brain of yours to decide which bet is most likely to be more successful for you. A useful framework I use when doing trebles is bet on one match with odds that are greater than evens (example 6/5) and combine them with matches that you are certain of only one outcome.

Be Patient: Don’t expect to become rich overnight. Slowly build up your account with bets that WILL win and not just MIGHT win. Your balance will improve rather than decrease.

If Odds Are Too High, then they are high for a reason! Although I am a loyal West Ham supporter, my heart has led before my head in betting sometimes and it is important to realise this in order to win money. The bookies have West Ham at 14/1 to beat United for a reason! Having said this however, anything can happen in football and don’t be afraid to put a small bet on an outside chance. Robbie Keane score first and Ireland to beat Macedonia 2.0 won me €33 on a €1 bet. If betting on something with an outside chance be realistic about it too, for example, Paul McShane is not going to score first in a league cup match away to United.

Keane's goal against Macedonia

Finally, be prepared to lose. Even though we win now and again the bookies usually come out on top. Betting should be an enjoyable experience. If you’re losing too much money and not enjoying the extra spice it gives to your football viewing, then stop and keep your money for something else.

My picks for the Weekend of Saturday October 1st

This weekend I am looking at QPR away to Fulham at 3/1. Although I am not betting this weekend, 3/1 seems a great price for a QPR team that have picked up 6 points from a possible 9 on their travels. Fulham on the other hand have not won a game this season and have been poor by their standards.

I also fancy stoke at 7/4 away to Swansea. I think Stoke have a strong team this year and have been impressive of late. Unless they have a European hangover, I predict they will do win this match.

A €5 double on these teams returns €55

Novelty bet

€1 accumulator on the following to score anytime

David Silva (Man City) away to Blackburn

Joey Barton (QPR) away to Fulham

Adebayor (Spurs) at home to Arsenal

Leon Best (Newcastle) away to Wolves

€1 returns €121.09

Overpriced bet

Sunderland and West Brom, who have both failed to find fifth gear so far this season are at a very nice price at 9/4. I will not be taking this but but this match shows all the signs of a draw

Good luck!

Many thanks to Chris “Flick” Moone for penning this article together. You can follow him on twitter here. Feel free to let us know how you got on in your gambling adventures this week by commenting on this article. 


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