Fastest goal in history, and more

This Russian third tier goal appeared on Sky Sports News a few days ago. But in case you missed it, the record for the fastest goal in football has been broken by Mikhail Osinov a few weeks ago (11th of September, 2011), playing for FC Mitos Novocherkassk against Olimpia Gelendzhik. It took only 2.68 seconds for Osinov to break the deadlock in the game that finished 2-1 to Osinov’s side.

Osinov (35) has since stated that he’d like to be signed by a Premier League team since becoming considerably more famous. His goal just about beats Carlos Almeida’s strike for FC Oliveira do Hospital in the lower regional Portugese leagues on April 4th of this year.

On another note, it wasn’t the fastest goal in history, as it was even scored in the second half, but this is a goal worthy of goal of the season. Iñigo Martínez scored this beaut for Sociedad in the recent Basque derby against Athletic Bilbao, October 3rd. It was the 20 year old’s first goal for his club, and what a way to score it. Amazing goal, enjoy it.

In case the name sounds familiar, yes this is the same Iñigo Martínez who scored this amazing own goal that turned into a YouTube sensation for the Spanish U-21 team on September 2nd.


2 Comments on “Fastest goal in history, and more”

  1. That last one is like one of those ‘He wouldn’t score it if he tried’ efforts, brilliant!

    Look up own goals by Franck Quedrue and Carl Jenkinson too, both had cracking own goals!

  2. cillian17 says:

    Haha true. I love Martínez’s intentional goal there though. SO good! He’s gonna be some player, I think.

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