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This post has nothing to do with football, but is far too important to not publish on the blog.

“ACTA (Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement) is an international trade agreement currently negociated by the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia as well as a few other countries, whose aim is to enforce copyright and tackle counterfeited goods (hence its acronym: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement).” – from the link above.

ACTA is, in layman’s terms, something that will oblige your internet service provider to watch your every move online. If you do anything that infringes on any sort of copyrights, ACTA is the thing that will have you punished for it.

This video simply explains everything you need to know about ACTA and why you should do something about it:

If ACTA is passed, then Balls Out In Public could become unfeasible to continue. Cencorship on the internet will become commonplace, and websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube would need to be radically changed. Please, watch the video above, and voice your opinions on ACTA somewhere, to someone. Raise awareness. Trying is all we can do for now, and it worked for SOPA, since it was shelved.

Stop SOPA Ireland.

Citizen Radio show discussing ACTA.

Tweet #StopACTA and #FuckACTA, get them trending!

– C.D.


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