BOIP meets… John O’Connor

It was a fantastic night for Bohemian Football Club as they triumphed 2-1 over a lacklustre Portadown side at Dalymount Park in the First leg of the first round in the Setanta Sports Cup. Two superb goals from birthday boy Danny Corcoran and an early contender for goal of the season from Karl Moore ensured Bohemians take slim lead into the second leg which will be staged at Shamrock Park next Monday.

John O'Connor (left) playing for Bohs. (Photo © Eddie Lennon)

After the game, Robert O’Reardon caught up with one of Bohs newest recruits John O’Connor and quizzed him on last night’s game and how he is finding life so far at the Big Club.

Robert: First of all, John, we know you didn’t get on [the pitch] tonight but how would you assess tonight’s performance from the boys?

John: I thought it was excellent, I thought the lads gelled very well together and thought the movement was excellent and they combined well to get the goals. Obviously they were two crackers and the second one was pure brilliance.

Robert: What do you think is the aim for the club this season? We know that Bohs have been in terrible financial difficulty over the past few months; has there been any indication of what the aim is from the board or from the manager over what he expects of you this season?

John: It’s hard to say, really, because Bohs have always been such a big club in Ireland and obviously I’m only new to it and obviously aim for the top and see where it goes. We’ve got a great bunch of players and I wouldn’t say we’ll be fighting relegation, I’ll say we’ll be up there. That’s what the aim is anyway.

Robert: We know that you came from the Under 19s at St. Pat’s but how are you coping with the demands of being at such a big club and being part of a big squad like the one at Bohemians?

John: I have a competitive attitude, obviously I like being part of such a big bunch of players. I find it good and it’s a demand on the body to keep going and push yourself harder and it’s a challenge that I accept, I’m looking forward to continuing it.

Robert: Much has been made of the young nature of the squad, but Owen Heary and Derek Pender are two examples of the more experienced players in the squad; how are they helping you to cope and fit in at the club?

John: Excellently, I knew Dettser [Derek Pender] from Pat’s so obviously he was a big help for me settling in. Him, McMillan and Heary they’re just bringing us along and showing tricks and tips on me being a striker and they’re defenders so it’s good!

Robert: Last of all, What’s the new manager like and how is approach? How different is he to other managers that you have worked with in the past?

John: Ah, he’s a legend, he’s helping us to play ‘ball and he’s encouraging us to attack well while being defensively sound. He’s helping us to be confident on the ball and not to be afraid to express it and just enjoy it. So I’m enjoying it immensely!

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3 Comments on “BOIP meets… John O’Connor”

  1. Ollie Holt says:

    Great stuff, Robert. You’re a star in the making.

  2. in rafa we trust,in roy we trust,in kenny we trust says:

    shocking read

  3. […] options for Bohs are ex-Monghan player David Scully, with three younger, somewhat unknown players John O’Connor, Keith Murray and David Byrne. Should Corcoran or even Scully be off-form or even injured, goals […]

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