Videos! Crazy fans, 70 yard goal, and more.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some videos that have recently come to the surface of the internet. We’ll start with something simple. Well actually, it wouldn’t really be that simple to pull off. Cristiano Ronaldo, you may have heard of him, was needed to come up with an excellent back-heel goal to snatch the win for his team against Rayo Vallecano recently. Vallekas proved more than a stern test for José’s boys, as Madrid were largely under pressure for most of the game, and Rayo were unlucky not to score at least once.

The reaction of the Madrid players after the final whistle said a lot; they celebrated like they had won the league. This is often a way of fans making fun of other, victorious fans and players after they win a game of not as much significance – but in truth perhaps Real Madrid really did win the league there.

Not officially, of course. But they left the pitch with three points that during the 90 minutes they didn’t look at all assured of. To win when you’re playing poorly, is that what makes champions champions? We’ll find out in a couple of months.

Moving on, how often is a goal scored from 70 yards? We’ll save you some time; ‘not very’ is the answer. Anyway, Serie D in Italy saw a goal from such a distance just a couple of weeks ago.

The goal was scored for the team Forcoli Calcio by midfielder Damiano Mitra. IF the date on the video (06/03/12) was the date that the goal was scored, then that means that Damiano scored the 70 screamer on his birthday!

Watching the keeper trying to run to catch the ball before it crosses the line is quite painful for me, as a former defender. The ball gently trickles across the line so slowly, it almost mocks the keeper and everybody watching knowing – everybody fully convinced that it can be kept out, just get there, get to it, quick! Argh, too late…

Damiano Mitra. #Research

From Italian fifth tier football, to polish under 8s football. Yeah, really. Problem?

Polish football fans are crazy. Crazy in a truly spectacular way. There aren’t many words that I can say for this video. The title of it says as much as what needs to be said, as well as the surreal content of it. Incredible fans though. Enjoy!

(Here’s where when I said “Problem?” makes sense.) In Turkey, flares have recently been banned at football matches. Whether you think they’re stupid or believe that they contribute to the entire extravaganza as the sense of sight that is the atmosphere on terraces, you might enjoy this video anyway.

The club is Eskişehirspor, playing in the Turkish Süpir Lig. This video isn’t as self-explanatory though. But here’s a good explanation comment on the video. “This is a protest against Turkish Football Federation, who have forbidden burning flares in stadiums. The flare burners will get 6 months jail or a fine if they are found guilty by the fedaration. But as you can see the flare burners are invisible from the federation under the troll painting :D”



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