23 Carra Gold – The End of an era.

Over 700 hundred appearances, 2 European Trophies, multiple domestic honours, dozens of international caps. The term ‘Liverpool legend’ is usually bandied around a lot in regards to certain players but if that phrase was in the dictionary the words ‘Jamie’ and ‘Carragher’ would be the definition. Never before has Liverpool Football Club produced a player who has played with such passion for the shirt as ‘Carra’ has and when the announcement came earlier today that he was hanging up his boots many reds died a little inside.

Jamie Carragher and Liverpool’s greatest night; Istanbul 2005.

Dortmund, Istanbul, Wembley, the derby victories, the multiple trips to Cardiff. Whatever ground Liverpool Football Club has been making history in over the past 17 years, Jamie Carragher has been right in the thick of the action. Whether it was making last ditch tackles while having cramp burning through his legs in the Ataturk or coming on as a substitute vs Cardiff in 2012 at Wembley. You can be sure that he was giving his all making sure the trophy cabinet at Anfield was giving a home to another piece of silverware.

His critics will cite his lack of goals and his lack of international caps and use it as a stick to beat him with. That in itself is harsh when looking at the bigger picture. How many English players have ever won every European trophy you can win in their careers? How many English players have played in 2 European Cup finals in their careers? In fact, how many English players can call themselves a European Champion? Not many, is the answer.

Is he finished? He was definitely not performing at the level he performed at a few seasons back, that is beyond doubt. But his previous 2 performances against Arsenal and Manchester City proved that there was still something there. It was a throwback to the old days. Which is what makes this decision all the more shocking.

Carra typically making a tackle in one of his early seasons with the Reds.

He has given 17 years of his career to Liverpool. When the final game of the season against Queens Park Rangers comes around in May it will be a sad day. he will also depart without a league winners medal, which is a massive disappointment.

Over the past few years the Kop has said goodbye to players such as Robbie Fowler and Sami Hyypia but this will be different. This is Jamie Carragher we’re talking about and even though he hasn’t been at the peak of his powers for a few years, Liverpool Football Club will be a lesser place without his leadership in the dressing room and the influence he brings.

The club will never see his like again.


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