Top Five FIFA Songs!

My earliest memory of video games!

There are three things I love in life more than any other: Music, Football and Gaming. These three completely unrelated past-times have kept Kevin entertained since that momentous day almost twenty years ago when I popped into the world. The first time these three things mixed was when I found my brothers’ hidden Playstation (that’s right, the original one!) and assorted games. As a football crazy four year old whose first introduction to the ‘beautiful game’ was refusing to go to bed one night and being sat in front of Barnsley v Stockport County (My father knew exactly how to get me off to sleep, you can tell!), I held the timeless classics in front of me like Command and Conquer: Red Alert, and Metal Gear Solid with little regard as I pawed my way through the collection of 8×8 plastic boxes with the ‘PS’ graphic on the side.

Then, peeping out of the bottom of the box was a face a lot more familiar to me than that of Lara Croft or Solid Snake. With a size five Mitre football at his feet and turning on a sixpence was Denis Bergkamp, a champion of our household, and at the time a particular favourite of my then 10 year old brother (who’s now far too sensible to take notice of 20 men chasing a ball around a muddy field!). Emblazed across the front in glossy graphics was the title, FIFA 99. I disobediently opened the box and put in the disc, and from the catchy intro with Fat Boy Slim (the Rockafeller Shank remains one of my favourite songs ever!) I’ve been hooked on the franchise, even during the days when Pro Evolution Soccer became for some reason more popular with ‘purists’. I tried to avoid all of the best known songs from the franchise (hence why FBS hasn’t made the list) and pick out those lesser known tunes that are only known from the game. So without further ado, here’s my top five favourite songs from the FIFA franchise!

5) Art Brut – Direct Hit – FIFA 08

Art Brut are best described as a peculiar group. The epitome of modern post-punk, the band is half German and half English, and based in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin!  Named after French artist’s Jean Dubuffet’s definition of outsider art, this track came from their 2008 album ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’. This song had one of the punchiest choruses I’d ever heard on a FIFA game, and with the League of Ireland first being introduced that season it was a title fond in my memories!

4) Kosheen – Hide U – FIFA 2003

FIFA 2003 remains one of my favourite editions of FIFA ever, the soundtrack, the unbelievable step up in presentation (Half-time highlights and superimposed crests!), the freestyle control, even just the general feel and gameplay of the game. The game saw a move towards a more of a Hip-Hop and urban feel in its soundtrack. Ms. Dynamite would act as the best known single on the game, while Kosheen would have another song along with Timo Maas with a remix of…Fat Boy Slim! (He was bound to get in at some point!)

3) Rude Boy Rock – Lionrock – FIFA 99

‘Well sit children, let me give you the subject of today!’; if you have ever been lucky enough to have FIFA 99 as part of your childhood, these words are forever immortalised in your consciousness. FIFA 99, in my humble and completely biased opinion, is still the best ever FIFA released. Simple gameplay, the best era of Premiership football and fantastic commentary from John Motson, supplemented by introductions by Gary Lineker and Des Lynam, three juggernauts of the broadcasting world. FIFA 99 was the ultimate introduction to video gaming, and this song one of my favourite ever in FIFA history.

2) Doves – Black and White Town – FIFA 2006

Probably the most recognisable name on this list, the Doves aren’t a band I find particularly notable, though the piano line in this song is one of the catchiest around. FIFA 2006 wasn’t a particularly striking game for me, one of the very few editions I do not count amongst my possessions, and despite a change in presentation offered little in the way of innovation in the face of strong competition from Pro Evolution Soccer. This is however a ranking of music, not of gaming, and the Doves take their rightful place on my list at number two, well obviously, since I’m picking it!

(The video for this song is a cracking one as well but unfortunately I can’t embed it so you’ll have to find it yourself!)

1) Idlewild – You Held the World In Your Arms – FIFA 2003

So this is it, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, and it’s FIFA 2003 that takes the crown of best song, and in my opinion best music! A variation on the aforementioned urban theme Idlewild epitomise everything great about music on FIFA. A Scottish semi-obscure indie rock band blasting out delicious licks, with the screaming of violins in the background to make an impressive melody which gets stuck in your head the minute you turn off the pause button and resume scoring for fun with Thierry Henry in the red of Arsenal. This is the only song to make the UK top 10 by the band, and was hugely popular off the back of its appearance on the game which sold over 4.1 million copies, eclipsing its predecessor by over two and a half million sales.

So there you have it folks, my favourite five songs from the FIFA franchise! Despite the fact that this is 100% correct and my taste is impeccable, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. So if you have any other songs which you remember fondly or any other FIFA memories you’d like to share comment below, and if you’ve a problem with the list then bugger off and stop wasting my time!


2 Comments on “Top Five FIFA Songs!”

  1. Enda says:

    There’s been far too many good songs on Fifa throughout the years for me to choose a top 5 for myself, although special mention must go to The Caesars in Fifa 04, and a cheeky bit of Moby in 01

  2. I’m a massive fan of Black and White Town by Doves, it brings back many memories of sitting on my PS2. I find it annoying that one of best complete FIFA playlists on Spotify actually misses off this song!

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