Jason Pearce Opens Up On Suffering Wigan Relegation

This article was first published on July 6th 2015.

Jason Pearce made the decision to go from Leeds to Wigan Athletic last January, a move that eventually saw him relegated to League One with his new team. Pearce and the Latics now face a whole new set of challenges as they prepare for life in the third tier of English football, following on from the heartbreak of relegation.

The former Leeds, Bournemouth, and Portsmouth star has opened up to BeanBagSports about this difficult period in his career with a large degree of optimism. However, there was no denying the sinking feeling that relegation brought with it for the defender.

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What was the atmosphere like in the Wigan camp the day after relegation was confirmed?

“It was terrible really. We met up the next day after Rotherham beat Reading, which meant we were going down. It was really quiet around the place, everyone was down knowing what happened. Everybody was feeling the same thing.

“We thought we had given ourselves a real fighting chance going into the last few games, but Rotherham did well at the end of the season to keep themselves up and we just couldn’t make it in the end.

“The mood wasn’t good at all, but the manager tried to pick up the spirits straight away. He said; ‘Look, this season’s gone, we’re now going to focus on next year and getting right back up.’

“For the last couple of games, he just wanted to stamp his expectations for the next season in what we were doing. Everything was positive from then on in, and that has me really looking forward to getting back into pre-season and back into the swing of things.”

Pearce made his optimism for the future known way back in April, on the night Wigan’s relegation to League One was confirmed:

What was the significance behind this tweet? Did you have any regrets about leaving Leeds following relegation? 

“At Leeds I really enjoyed myself. It’s a massive, massive club that so many players would dream of playing for. The move was about me and my own football career. At the time I wasn’t really playing, for whatever reason. Wigan came in, and even though they were involved in the relegation battle and odds on to go down, I still felt like it was the right move for my career, getting back out on the pitch.

“I’ve no regrets whatsoever about the move. Wigan is a really well-run club, with some great people involved in it. I think we’ve got a bright future ahead of us and that’s something that I hope I can be a part of.

“Like I said back in April, we took one step backwards, going down, but we just need to regroup and build on what we’ve got in order to come back stronger, like Wolves have done in recent years after going down. I’m very optimistic and hope we can do well.”


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