The Absolute Worst Types Of Goals To Give Away

This article was first published on October 23rd 2015

Not all goals are the same – goals come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes a better team just plays wonderful football and outclasses you to the back of your net. Other times, you’ve only got yourself to blame (or maybe your keeper…).

No team likes conceding goals. It can mean you might lose games, and no team likes losing games. In fact that’s actually the objective of football – to win the games.

Here are the absolute worst types of goals to give away!

10. The Spectacular Own Goal

Maybe he meant it, and just forgot which way he was supposed to be shooting? That could be an excuse for these types of goals going in, but then you have to deal with the question of how did he forget? Either way, the spectacular own goals are a ridiculous way of conceding, but at least you’ve got something great to look at!

9. The ‘Caught Napping’

Don’t let your concentration slip for even a second around the top players that have the talent to punish you for it. If they catch you napping, you’re going to concede one of these goals! You’ve only got yourself to blame.

8. The ‘Made a Complete Mug of Him’

Get back in your box and never show your face again in public! If conceding a goal is bad, then conceding one while also being made a complete mug of is ten times worse. With how fast news travels in this internet-dominated world of ours, everyone will soon be laughing at you. And worst of all, you know deep down that you deserve to be laughed at…

7. The ‘He Didn’t Even Go For It!’

You brace yourself for a potential smack in the face in the wall for the free kick, and turn around after feeling the air whizz past your face. Instead of seeing your goalkeeper actually trying to stop the ball going into the net, what do you see? Of course, the keeper hopelessly looking at the ball fly past him into the net. It can be frustrating coming up against free kicks that good…

6. The Counter Attack Sucker Punch

You’ve scored over 100 goals this season from your star front men and super speedy attacks. You’ve dominated the game against ten men who have just parked the bus and won’t relent. You’re just looking for that one moment when they lose concentration, or make a mistake. But before you know it, they’ve punted the ball up the other end of the pitch and score one of the most undeserving goals ever. This one stings, knowing you’ve been the better team.

5. The Bizarre Own Goal

What? How? Why? All that’s left after these goals are just confused faces, lots of unanswerable questions, and pure embarrassment.

4. The Misplaced Pass

Everything’s been going well up to this point. You’re comfortable in possession and making life difficult for your opponent. Until, that one donkey at the back decides to make life very easy for them instead… One underhit ball back to your keeper and you’re out of the game.

3. The Stupid Own Goal

A ridiculously misjudged clearance going into the back of the net, and pass hitting the backside of your team mate and going into the net, or one of the internet’s most famous clips – kicking the ball off your own face and into your own net. At least these ones are funny if you can laugh at yourself!

2. The ‘Even HE Scored On Us…’

It’s okay to lose the match but it is NOT okay to let HIM score…

1. The Slip

Are any words even necessary for this one?


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