The Definitive Best Corner Kick Routines Of All Time

This article was first published on November 2nd 2015.

Corners can be notoriously difficult to score from, sometimes even verging on the impossible if you’re up against a particularly sturdy defence! Sometimes, a little bit of craft is needed to find a way to put the ball in the back of the net, as opposed to whipping the ball into the box and just hoping for the best.

Some of the ideas that teams have come up with to finish off a corner have been nothing short of genius, as the best route to goal might not always be the most obvious. But what are the best corner kick routines teams have ever come up with? We’ve done a little digging! And in that digging, we also managed to find some of the worst…

Serbia U17’s triple dummy

In a match against their Moldovan counterparts in 2012, the Serbia under 17 team produced this moment of brilliance to hit the net!

Desperate times call for desperate measures

We all know in football the weather doesn’t always help you. In fact, more often that not, it can be pretty disruptive. Rarely, however, does the weather get in a player’s way this much! With such a waterlogged pitch, at first the corner taker tried to throw the ball in as the corner being taken, before being called back.


FK Prirbram of the Czech league tried to get tricky with this merry-go-round routine. We think… The ball is crossed into the box like normal after the players complete their spins, without any effect on the game done, despite the dance!

The toe tap trick

This is a routine that pops up in the professional game every couple of years, and one that’s designed to catch the opposition completely off guard!

Unfortunately it has often caught the officials off guard too, as Manchester United found out against Chelsea…

And Serie A officials couldn’t deal with Roma’s trickery against AC Milan either…

Don’t try this at home

Or on a football pitch. It didn’t work. This might not even be a routine, but it looks like the team taking the corner were trying to work something with the short pass. Instead, the corner taker takes the flag out of play…

And it happened again…

We even saw it in this year’s Champions League when one of the best players in the world, Xabi Alonso, made a complete balls of a corner kick against Arsenal!

The deep volley

While everyone is frantically fighting for the ball they expected to be whipped into the six yard box, this routine fools them all, going back to a waiting player outside the box to fire in a ferocious volley!

Outside of the boot beauty

While this one isn’t necessarily a routine, it still deserves to be watched for how good this strike is. Everyone in the box is preparing to fight for a cross in the air, while instead the corner taker shapes up to swing in an amazing outside of the boot effort that curls into the far corner of the net! Wow!

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