Top Five FIFA Songs!

My earliest memory of video games!

There are three things I love in life more than any other: Music, Football and Gaming. These three completely unrelated past-times have kept Kevin entertained since that momentous day almost twenty years ago when I popped into the world. The first time these three things mixed was when I found my brothers’ hidden Playstation (that’s right, the original one!) and assorted games. As a football crazy four year old whose first introduction to the ‘beautiful game’ was refusing to go to bed one night and being sat in front of Barnsley v Stockport County (My father knew exactly how to get me off to sleep, you can tell!), I held the timeless classics in front of me like Command and Conquer: Red Alert, and Metal Gear Solid with little regard as I pawed my way through the collection of 8×8 plastic boxes with the ‘PS’ graphic on the side.

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Indonesian Football – An Archipelago of Trouble

Imagine the Premier League in all its glory. Now imagine the top 10 teams in the Premier League split away from the rest of the league, forming a new independent Super League, which both, wasn’t run by the FA, and wasn’t recognised by FIFA. An ordeal which could result in the England national team being banned from football if it wasn’t sorted out by the FA.

That is basically the best example I can give you to what exactly is happening in Indonesia. So from that, it is safe to assume that football in Indonesia is in a bit of a state at the minute.

Indonesian football fan

For those for who geography isn’t a strong subject, Indonesia is a series of islands, or an archipelago, situated in South East Asia and Oceania. It is neighboured by Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Australia, along with others. But, enough of all that educational stuff, let’s get back to the football.

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